WE, THE REPUBLICANS: Why You Should Be One of Us

There are many reasons why Baldwin County, Alabama is a popular destination. It is where people of all ages come to live, work and play.

Yes, the weather is great. And there’s water… water… everywhere. But the primary reason people choose to live in or visit Baldwin County is our way of life. And the Republican Party has a lot to do with that. We are the true Party of the people—all citizens, of all ages and all walks of life. We believe in Americanism, a term comprised of two root words, “American” and “exceptionalism.” We believe the best way to ensure Americanism is through Republicanism.

Every state or county elected official in Baldwin County is a Republican. The reason: To be elected in Baldwin County, candidates are held to the values, standards and expectations of the Republican Party’s Platform… and the planks thereof.

Republicans make up the overwhelming majority of the county’s electorate. We turn out on Election Day. We are what Lt. Colonel Allen West calls Guardians of the Republic. And, we take our motto, “Liberty with Responsibility” seriously.

We invite you to be one of us, Guardians committed to American exceptionalism, to returning our nation to both goodness and greatness.

Democrats in elected office at all levels of government have plundered this nation. They have divided us. They caused our enemies to no longer fear us and our allies not to respect us. We, the Republicans have a lot of repair work to do.

A wise man once wrote, “All that is required for the triumph of Evil is that good men (and women) do nothing.” So, please do not “do nothing.” Join the Republican solution to Big Brother government. Help us restore and preserve American Exceptionalism in every home, school, and place of business.

Click the membership button on this website to join today: www.baldwincountygop.com.

Join us under “The Peoples’ Tent”!